Radiant Network and M2SYS teamed up to provide seamless application delivery and integration service

We are currently working with Wichita State University developing a software of high-performance pattern recognition and protein binding to treat cancer.




Radiant Network offers service on all aspects of the IT infrastructure, from servers, routers and firewalls to cabling, connectivity issues and beyond. In addition, we offer service on desktop and workstation hardware/software.

Radiant Network can help you design and implement a network that leverages your initial investments, avoids costly downtime and saves time and money when you move to performance enhancing technologies. Our team can assess your current infrastructure, analyze and research your current and emerging network needs, and formulate a strategy and design solution for a flexible, high performance infrastructure easy solution. 

  • Network Management: No matter how complex your network and cablings, Radiant Network can develop a plan for your network management. Our expert technical specialist can review and develop systems standards, procedures, and documentation to improve the quality and consistency of your operations. Radiant Network will review and design cost effective disaster recovery plans, security systems, hardware and software inventory management systems, and capacity planning.

  • Cabling Infrastructure Design:  We can provide your firm with all of your cabling analysis, design and implementation. 

  • Network Optimization: Radiant Network can develop procedures that will ensure your network is performing at its optimal level. From creating benchmarks to developing standards for your information system, will get your network running hassle free.

  • LAN/WAN/WLAN Integration: Radiant Network technical experts  will work with you to integrate a LAN/WAN/WLAN that will fit your needs. Our consultants have an extensive knowledge in Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, Linux and Unix and most major desktop operating systems. Is it a Local Area Network (LAN) Wide Area Network (WAN) or Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)  you need? Radiant Network has the resources to fill all of your Networking needs and boosting Wifi signals.

  • Equipment Installation and Configuration: Radiant Network will install and configure all of your computing equipments, hardware and software.

  • Web Solution :  We can create websites for your company, register the domain and host it.

  • Cloud based Data Back up : We have solutions to backup your data over the cloud securely.